Trump’s Triumph – The best ever by a debutant

Article by Jeeth Yesudas

Ever since the televised American presidential debates started in 60’s, the whole of USA will agree without a glimmer of doubt that this was the most vicious battles fought on the election front. The winner was none but the one who was synonymous with US election 2016. It was Trump who hogged the limelight right from the Republican primary campaign. The whole of America saw this coming, but the majority initially thought that his campaign’s momentum will die sooner that it originated.  The rise of Donald J Trump from a billionaire to the President Elect could be termed as one of the most unprecedented leap in political history. A successful public election for the US Presidency without any experience in any political platform as an office bearer.

In the past two decades, it seems to be like a norm for the country to be divided in the name of President Elect for a few months’ post-election. Though this time, the outcome is not like that of the Bush- Al Gore, it was unexpected for many to believe this happened. Let’s take a stroll to see what gave Trump the required electoral college.

As many Americans thought he was the voice for the unheard and forgotten. The message ‘Let’s make American Great again’ went with the masses too.  While Secretary Clinton on the other side was always politically correct on all public platforms but only being politically correct can project one as a cliché politician who repeats what the political forefathers have advocated for years. For a common man, she was not in a position to offer too much during her campaign mainly because advocating a new America would mean going totally against all reforms done by her unofficial Campaign Chief President Obama.  Moreover, the message ‘President Clinton means extended Obama presidency’ was also a game changer. In the modern history, no other President would have campaigned heavily as President Obama did for Secretary Clinton. President Obama’s sincere efforts to keep Trump out was evident throughout the campaign trail and he didn’t shy away from saying that the most eligible person to lead the county is not Bill Clinton or Obama but One and only Hillary Clinton. The Democrats didn’t sense the message upfront that the wave was moving in favor for Republicans as evident from the current majority enjoyed by them in Senate & Congress. It is a disapproval to the incumbent President as well. Undoubtedly President Obama will go down in history as one of the most charismatic leaders alongside John F Kennedy, Reagan and many other classy ones, but that may not necessarily count as a qualification for a great term as President if this election is considered a feedback for his term too.

During the debates, both candidates seem to have involved in bullying and devoid of their vision for the country. Despite all negativity, whatever Trump advocated during the campaign and debates transformed as the message to the masses like THE WALL, curbing terrorism, controversies revolving around Clintons, fight against the insiders (that’s a master stroke by an outsider), illegal immigration, working on inter-cities and many more. Though many including the politicians are experts on these topics, most of them tend to be silent when it comes to the nitty gritty of such serious stuff, in an effort to be politically correct. He chose not to be politically correct even though some section of the voters may cross him straight away for that. Still he was able to put his case on the table with a disclaimer ‘America first’. Though the protesters say the votes to Trump came from racists and the extreme right activists, it may not be true as many surveys show that many preferred him with a hope for better tomorrow.

The media was negative on Trump with 90% or more of the exit polls in favor of Hilary. They were successful in portraying Trump as one among the filthy rich in a castle and who loves to associate himself with women in all possible ways. Here also, the poll outcome underlined and cemented that elections are not won on social media or prime hour news debates, but on the mysterious battle field. (Ironically this was called a rigged system by Trump himself days before the D-day).

From being the son of a real estate tycoon, living in pompous and aristocratic style, devoid of career hardships throughout his life time, getting involved in many beauty pageants, TV shows, entertainment biz and yet remain on top for decades does show his character as a strong businessman. This country owes him a term at least for the democratic & constitutional victory in his name. As the entire USA is looking forward with mixed emotions let’s put aside our doubts and be optimistic about a better tomorrow for the entire world under the new President of the United States.


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