SMA fundraiser for Kerala Flood Victims – Together we can!

Dear members,

As we communicated earlier, SMA is going to be actively involved in extending the helping hand to the flood victims of Kerala. With more than 300,000 people displaced and still thousands stranded and isolated with water our State is going through one of the worst chapters in history of last 100 years. This is the time we can come together as one and do what we can possible to help our brothers and sisters!

SMA had a board meeting yesterday and following key decisions are made

1) SMA will organize a fundraiser and the amount will be donated to Kerala Chief Minister’s distress relief fund
2) SMA will reach our to HATS, HAKKA and HTA to join this venture where in which they will join our venture or collect at their organization level and had over check to SMA.
3) $10,000 initial target has been set towards the relief fund
4) SMA will reach to similar like minded Indian organizations in Central Pennsylvania
5) SMA will provide donation acceptance receipt for Individuals for tax purposes upon request
6) Members have option to pay via Facebook fundraiser link, paypal or can hand over a check to SMA

Payment Option 1:
Facebook Fundraiser link:

Payment Option 2:
PayPal :
Please make the payment to “”
(Select “Send money to friends and family” option)

Payment Option 3
Please reply back to this mail if you are planning to pay as check and we will get in touch with you.

In addition to this, members can reach us if they need any help in Kerala and we can help anything or arrange help with like minded organizations in Kerala,  within the limits of our organization.


Thank You,
SMA Governing Body 2018

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