Susquehanna Malayalee Association (SMA) is pleased to invite you to our south Indian cultural event Sangamam. Sangamam aims at raising awareness on various social and cultural issues through dance, music & entertainment. It will be held at the <date and time>. This is our 15th year holding this event, and we have more than 1500+ people attending and more than 300 kids and adults performing at the event. This is an event where four different religion language of southern India come together as one group and perform. We take multiple social cause and performed by various group to raise awareness. We are the largest growing minority community in Central Pennsylvania! We have over 2000 families in our South Indian community! SMA is a 501c(3) organization, we operate entirely as a nonpartisan entity and will be hosting legislators, partners, and organization members from both sides of the aisle to celebrate and promote our culture. What do our Organizations do?
  • Serve the community
  • Organize Social Activities and Fund Raisers for the needy.
  • Help with Natural Calamities and assist other Community Serving Organizations
  • Organize Entertainment and Sports Events
  • Contribute to the local economy
How do we communicate?
  • Email, we have over 3000 members in our database.
  • Websites
  • Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Google+
  • Poster Ads, Brochures and Flyers
  • Word of mouth
Please contact Retheesh Sasidharan for more information. Retheesh Sasidharan President, SMA Cell: (717)425-0930

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Credit Card or Debit Card Payment (Including transaction fees)

Platinum Sponsor $1,500

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Payment Option 2

PayPal Payment (Family Membership - $25, Single Membership - $15)


1. Login to your paypal account.
2. Select “Pay or Send Money” Button and select “Send money to friends and family” option
3. In the “To” field type in
4. Enter the membership amount of $25/$15 and add a note "<Your name> - SMA family membership 2020' and select the “Continue” button.
5. Verify the payment details - Make sure to pay from your bank account or paypal balance, click 'Send money now' button.
6. Your payment to SMA is complete now. Your online account will be activated within 24 hours.