These are the options to renew your membership ...

  • Take the membership when you come to any of the SMA events. We might have our Major events during Vishu/Easter, Onam, Christmas and Picnics.
  • Send your membership fee payable to SMA, to Melbin Thomas, Treasurer of SMA to his address at 2101 Warren Way, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050.
  • Send money via Pay Pal. If you are a PayPal member and your PayPal is linked to your bank, then there is no fee in paying SMA membership. Steps of how to make the pay pal payment is below

1. Login to your paypal account.
2. Select “ Send Money” Button
3. In the “To” field type in
4. Enter the membership amount of $25 and Select “I’m sending to family or friends” and select the “Continue” button.
5. If you wish you can type a subject and a message or you can leave it blank and click the “send money” button.

  • Pay online by selecting any of the below payment option

SMA Single Membership - $15 / Year

SMA Family Membership - $25 / Year