Why should you become a member of SMA?

  • Our primary goal is to educate and promote Malayalee Culture, language and values
  • Opportunity to be involved in giving back to the community where we live. SMA is proud to take up charity work that helps the community like:
    • Food Donation
    • Adopt – a – Highway
  • A wonderful opportunity to be part of a group which offers you opportunity so socialize, meet new friends and broaden your social and professional network
  • You and your family members can participate and perform in various cultural programs that are organized throughout the year
  • You and your family members can participate in various sports and arts activities organized throughout the year
  • You will be notified of all our events
  • After two years of continuous membership, you will be eligible for taking up a leadership role as part of the Governing Body
  • Your personal and professional achievements will be highlighted in the newsletter (Disclaimer: Subject to newsletter release schedule)
  • Membership charge discounts for renewals of membership. (Disclaimer: Subject to each Governing Body’s decision)

We look forward to welcome your family to ours!!

SMA Single Membership - $15 / Year

SMA Family Membership - $25 / Year


There are other options to make the payment...

  • Take the membership when you come to any of the SMA events. We might have our Major events during Vishu/Easter, Onam, Christmas and Picnics.
  • Send your membership fee payable to SMA, to Melbin Thomas, Treasurer of SMA to his address at 2101 Warren Way, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050.
  • Send money via Pay Pal. If you are a PayPal member and your PayPal is linked to your bank, then there is no fee in paying SMA membership. Steps of how to make the pay pal payment is below

1. Login to your paypal account.
2. Select “ Send Money” Button
3. In the “To” field type in gb@smaharrisburg.com
4. Enter the membership amount of $25 and Select “I’m sending to family or friends” and select the “Continue” button.
5. If you wish you can type a subject and a message or you can leave it blank and click the “send money” button.