Fitting In – Be that red flower !

Article by Aparna Raghu.

Kids beg for a lot of things. Even things that sound completely ridiculous. Like having a phone when you are 10 years old. No matter what it takes, they protest. All of this, just to fit in. If everyone has a Fit Bit at school, the beg their parents for one. Kids these days want to be up to date with trends. They don’t want to be the oddball and have to be left out.

But what I am saying, is that you don’t have fit in the way you think you have to. Think. How are you different from everyone else? Maybe you are good at math? How can you show that to everyone? Do an extracurricular club or competition. If you win, people will know that’s what you are known for. So maybe, having a phone won’t get you a name at school. This will.

In addition, having the right friends will help. If you want to be popular and you hang out with the wrong group of friends, you will be influenced by what they do to be a big shot. You want to be with friends that you can count on and do the right thing.

Besides… trends keep coming and going. Can you really keep up and get what you want every time? Of course not!

All I am saying is that you think about what you do to fit in. If you are not happy, then what’s the point? Don’t copy what everyone else is doing. Be unique. Be you!

Be that red flower !


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